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Vue tv

vue tv, powered by Print Data Solutions, incorporates an IPS video screen into printed products including brochures, business cards, gift boxes and point of sale material. AgencyPDS was tasked with creating a unique identity for vue tv that would bring the product to life as part of the wider PDS brand family.

Inspired by studio production gallery test card images, the logo incorporates a TV screen device at its centre that replicates the pupil of an eye, representing a twist on the traditional viewer’s perspective.

The colour spectrum included within the logo subtly links the vue tv identity back to the PDS Masterbrand. New fonts were introduced within the logotype, retaining the familiar body copy fonts and colours of the PDS brand. This parallel creative approach enabled launch materials to be rolled out at speed as they were complementary to existing brand guidelines. The individuality and freshness of the vue tv brand was maintained within these guidelines with the introduction of a new primary brand colour.

To coincide with the launch, the studio developed a new standalone vue tv website showcasing a range of products, rendered in 3D, including promotional films and animations which were all produced in-house. A sales brochure and bespoke 3 x 3 exhibition stand incorporating a video screen was created to provide vue tv with a strong presence at trade shows and events.

the results

“Vue tv is based on the appeal of the moving image so it was essential that all our marketing materials reminded potential customers about the power of video. Agencypds created a great brand identity and a dynamic promotional video for vue tv which formed the centrepiece of both our website and exhibition stand at the launch event. We’re very excited about the development of video in print and are delighted with the brand and its supporting materials which really help to reinforce our message.”

Commercial Director, vue tv

the project team

Shaun Drage (Senior Designer), David Nelson (Lead Creative), Emily Syson (Designer), Simon Byford (Artworker), Ian Knighton (Studio Manager)


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