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Domino’s Pizza Group is recognised as the world’s leading pizza delivery company and has over 1,000 stores in the UK, run as franchises. Operating in a fast-moving, highly-competitive market, the brand relies on design that makes a strong impact while always maintaining the consistency of its strict corporate brand guidelines.

Franchises depend on tailored materials adapted for local requirements and usually need to work quickly to get campaigns to market as they go head-to-head with competitors.


Our eight-year relationship with Domino’s has led us from designing its printed materials to working more widely across the business on the development of innovative point of sale, merchandise and branded clothing.

The largest group of the Domino’s franchisees, based all across the UK, initially briefed in the design of branded clothing, pop-up banners and promotional merchandise for use during University Freshers fairs. SK Group went on to commission creative services for all its local store design requirements.

We have developed a strong knowledge of the Domino’s brand over many years through close working relationships that have enabled us to understand its heritage which is based on hard work and family values. Every franchise is different, so it took time to understand the range of store needs, and tailor the design accordingly. Working in partnership with each franchise, the design team helped the Domino’s Franchisee’s to build sales through a dynamic suite of marketing materials.

The student market is important to Domino’s and so campaigns always reflect the fun and light-hearted essence of the brand. We designed and built a lightweight but strong cardboard seat made from a stack of pizza boxes for use in Students’ Unions during Freshers’ Week. An expansive montage of images from different sports was created to promote special offers as part of a Varsity Week campaign. Animation was designed for use on restaurant screens in university towns to catch the eye of students and promote discounts that could be accessed using the Domino’s app.

the project team

Emily Syson (Designer), Shaun Drage (Senior Designer), Simon Byford (Artworker), Lynda Doggett (Studio Administrator) and Rob Atkinson (Client Services).

our creative toolkit

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