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Often our best ideas arise when are least expecting them, emerging from somewhere within our subconscious mind, stimulated by experiences we may not even be aware that we have retained. Creativity requires consistently re-booting to channel new energy. As designers, we work best when we share ideas and explore concepts together. The studio team at agencypds gets together informally on a regular basis to discuss examples of design that have caught our eye and generated creative inspiration.

Ideas flow more freely in a relaxed environment and our latest meeting took place at the Miller and Carter restaurant in Northampton. Over some delicious food, each member of the team introduced examples of intriguing design that they had spotted in the media, online, or within their immediate environment.

An informal, structured way of sharing ideas promotes the habit of being attentive to the design we encounter every day. This way, we become more aware of changes, fashions, tastes and the influence of technology. After a lively discussion about the ideas that are presented, all materials are collected into a studio book which is kept as a point of reference and a source of inspiration.

The idea to use spot varnish as an integral part of the design on these posters, originated from a discussion at one of our “inspiration” meetings.

In his role as lead creative, David Nelson suggests a theme for everyone’s consideration and sets them a challenge to bring along an example that has impressed them. Previous themes have included:

• Form and counter form in design
• Light and projected images in 2D design
• Black and white
• Finishing processes.

Discussing these themes openly with no limits can lead to innovative ideas that are then applied in live projects. For example, our exploration of finishing processes encouraged us to think about these at the start of one project, leading to the creation of a set of health and safety posters that made use of spot varnish as an integral part of the design.

Here are some of the latest clever, creative and amusing images that have been included in the studio inspiration book, adding to our catalogue of items that will stimulate our imaginations for future projects.

Street art emerges from a paint spill

Clever use of laser-cut illustrates a product

Rubber business card brings the concept of flexibility to life

Die-cut image shows transformative effects for a fitness business

Striking use of black and white form and counter form

Mould-pattern on sandwich bag deters workplace theft.

We will keep you updated on what we discover and how it has influenced our work. Help us add to our source book by telling us about examples of great design that you have seen. 

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