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it’s all about perception 

As an agency, all members of the team are encouraged to contribute to weekly ‘inspiration meetings’. We hand out a brief for people to go away and fulfil and then get together and give everyone the chance to share their thoughts. It’s great to always see how different people interpret the briefs and the different approaches people adopt. Inspiration meeting topics vary from week to week with the aim of keeping our creative minds ticking.

This post is a culmination of two tasks, both set around about perception. The first task asked people to ‘take a self portrait that tells us something about yourself, without telling us something about yourself’. Self portraits were submitted, and at our next teams meeting, everyone got the chance to share what it was they were trying to portray. Following on from this task, everyone was assigned at random (and in secret) another member of the team, everyone was asked to find an object that they best thought represented that person (this could be by appearance, character or personality) along with an accompanying paragraph of text. It was really interesting to find out how we not only perceived ourselves but also perceived each other.

Below are our submissions, simply hover over the object to reveal the self-portrait of whom the object represents, how many can you guess? If you like these posts either keep up to date on our blog or follow us on Instagram.


our creative toolkit

If you are thinking about starting a new project we have created a few simple items that might help you. Our creative’s guide to getting the best out of your agency is full of helpful advice and our top tips to writing a creative brief is a perfect prompt when completing one of our project briefing sheets. All three are available to download below.

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