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At agencypds, we understand that people access information in different ways. Animation can really help to immerse audiences in your brand messages. That’s why we love using our animations skills to breathe life into your campaigns and projects.

Using animation can increase engagement and ensure that your message is received and remembered. Let’s explore how your business could benefit from adding animation to your communications portfolio.

Scroll down to see some examples of animations that we have already created for our clients. 




some of our clients

We have worked with a variety of businesses across a range of sectors to create unique animations that have helped them to boost engagement. You can see who we work with below.

our way of working

An animation project should not be a daunting prospect. Our experience means that we know all the elements you will need to consider, so we can guide you through the process. We will ask the right questions so that you can decide where to start, what might be achievable, the length of your animation and what it should say.

We know that there is a lot to think about, but we have the tools to take the complexity out of the project, enabling you to get the wheels moving on your animation journey. Our team of talented Adobe Certified Associate animators, alongside your dedicated account manager, will take you through the process from start to finish.

We’ve created a handy animation briefing sheet that you can download here. which we can work through with you. This sets out helpful questions about the elements you need to consider and creates a streamlined structure so that we can reach the best solution together.

We break the process into bitesize stages and help you to build a gradual picture of how your animation will look as it starts to flow. Here are the key stages in our animation building process.

the brief


Creating and amending animations can be time consuming. Listening to, and understanding, your requirements is a vital part of the creative process. This enables us to visualise your goals and helps us to deliver something that you will love, on time and within budget.

We will start with an initial meeting to work through the briefing sheet together, cover the key questions and note down the most important points. After this discussion, we will draw up a brief that we can all commit to…and then the magic can start.

your storyboard


Creating a storyboard is the first stage in bringing your animation to life. We will use all the information from the brief to draft our initial ideas. The storyboard provides the first visual representation of your animation. You will start to see the content emerging, how key messages are communicated, and how the story unfolds. This visualisation of how your final animation will look enables you to provide feedback so that we can make any adjustments in order to deliver the impact you imagined.

the animatic


At this stage, your animation will start to come to life. The animatic is broken down into individual frames with a visual and text description showing how each transition works. We can refine the style of your animation at this stage according to your comments.

design and build


Once you are happy to approve the animatic, our team of Adobe Certified Associate animators will get to work using keyframes, transitions and effects. The design and build of your animation forms part of a detailed technical process resulting in the realisation of your original brief.

While minor adjustments are always accommodated, we find that agreeing a brief, creating a storyboard and producing an animatic provides the best possible platform on which to build a successful animation.

that’s all folks


Finally, we will test the format of the completed animation on your choice of broadcast platform. Once you’re happy, your animation can go live, and you can enjoy watching the reaction of your audience.

We’re confident that the results will soon see you returning with a brief for your next animation project.

to start your project today, simply download our animation briefing sheet, complete our contact form or calling us to discuss what you need in more detail on 01933 672150

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