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AUGUST, 2019

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Each month we take a closer look at a different member of agencypds, to give you an insight into some of the skillsets, experiences and insight that they bring to us as a collective. This month we talk to David…

1. Name?
David Nelson

2. What is your position at agencypds?
Lead Creative

3. What does your role involve?
If you ask anyone in the studio they would probably say I create drama.

Northampton College prospectus redesign

Internal communications rebrand for Medigold Health

4. How long have you worked in the design sector and when did you join agencypds?
Over half my life now, 29 years in total. I have been here right from the start over seven years ago.

5. What aspect of your job do you like the most?
I think everyone might say the same but it’s the variety of work. We have such a broad range of clients that no day is ever the same as the one before.

6. What would you say is your greatest strength within your role at agencypds?
Everyone within the studio has something different to offer and whilst I love both typography and packaging design I would imagine if you asked the others what my ‘Go to’ strengths are – it would probably be papers and print finishes.

7. Who or what has been a big influence on you throughout your career in design?
I think we all get influenced by many things and many people. I am constantly looking at art, design, interiors and architecture for inspiration. People like Harry Pearce and Rachel Dinnis have had a lasting effect upon me and I admire designers such as Mary Lewis and John Bateson.

8. Where do you look to gain experience and inspiration?

I seem to spend all my time these days on youtube, pinterest, Instagram – I love Instagram. Inspiration is all around us and one of the great things about working at agencypds is the eclectic mix of people who each have the ability to inspire me every day I come to work.

9. Give us three examples of design work you admire?
Volkswagen Ads – If you look back to the original press ads in the 1960’s they haven’t really changed. The format is pretty much the same. The 1980’s redesign of Railfreight by Roundel. I was still at school but remember thinking how amazing this was. At the time it was so fresh and I think even looking back now it still has  a modernity. It definitely broke tradition and added a style to a perceived dirty industry.  Kiehl’s packaging by New York and London’s design duo Craig and Karl.  I love the bold pop art style and the bright colours.

10. Name one thing that you believe is a design classic?
The Barcelona Chair – I absolutely love it!

11. Tell us three interesting facts about agencypds?
1. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
2. There are no less than 55 lights in the studio (56 if you count the cupboard).
3. Everyone’s opinion matters

12. What has been your greatest highlight at agencypds?
Watching how it has grown and developed over the seven years since it started.

13. Use no more than five words to describe the team you work with?
Innovative, eclectic, supportive, dynamic and fun.

14. If you could pass on one piece of valuable advice to your clients what would it be?
Good design and quick design are two very different things.


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